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And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....

Check out this site:

WARNING - If you own a Kenmore Refrigerator with Iccemaker, YOU ARE PROBABLY DIGESTING PLASTIC CHIPS, and don't know it!


Looks like Canadians aren't safe either! See the link below

Looks like a very useful resource. offers free Lemon Law help for Pennsylvania and New Jersey consumers of defective cars


This law group is especially interested in auto related complaints with Sears. Give them a holler and be sure to tell them who sent ya!

 call toll free 1-888-386-3429.
Brandon L. Blankenship
The Gilbert Law Group, PC
Thirteenth Floor
2027 First Avenue North
Birmingham, AL  35203
Phone: (205)328-2660 Ext. 222
Facsimile: (205)328-2664
Montgomery Phone: (334)265-9301
Montgomery Facsimile: (334)265-9309

Madwand's Sears Stinks Site

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