Insulted Customers!

Here's the stories we receive from people who've been mistreated by Sears employees.

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Sent: Friday, February 17, 2006 3:40 PM
Subject: another insulted customer story

A couple of years ago I went to a Sears optical center in Prescott, AZ  for my eye exam and glasses.  The exam went well, not much of a change in my prescription and I ordered two pair of glasses form a man I shall call Jack. I went in and picked them up without a problem.  I had trouble focusing clearly and thought it may be something that I would adjust to, but after giving them a two week trial, I decided there was something wrong with them, because even though I had tried to adjust, I was getting headaches. Having worked as an optician myself for five years, I was well aware that even the slightest thing can cause a patient a problem. I went back in and they checked the prescription in the glasses against what the doctor had written and it was the same.  They then set up another appointment with the doctor to have me re-checked.  That check-up showed no change in what she had ordered and what I received so she (the doctor) asked the optician (this time not Jack but the optical department manager) to re-take the measurements for bi-focal and PD (distance between the pupils when looking straight ahead.)  The PD was off slightly, which is why I was having trouble adjusting.  I was asked to leave one pair of glasses to have the lenses re-made and if they worked well for me I would take the second pair in to be re-made.  I went in to pick up the first pair and they were good.  I left my second pair and after getting a call that they were ready, I went in to pick them up.  This is where the insult comes in.  I signed in and sat down to wait my turn.  The manager told Jack that I was there to pick up my corrected glasses.  Apparently Jack thought I was both deaf and blind because he said: " There was nothing wrong with her glasses in the first place." 

Manager:  "The PD was off"

Jack: " Not enough to make any difference"

Manager :  Apparently it was enough to make a difference."

Jack:  You know what I think?"

Then he took a piece of 8 1/2 X 11 white copy paper and crumpled it up and tossed it at the trash can.

Manager: What is that suppose to mean?

Jack:  WHITE TRASH!!! 

I am a middle -aged woman, who no doubt made more money than this JERK.   

The manager knew that I saw this and instead of sending Jack to help me, he came over himself and acted as though nothing had happened.  I got my glasses and told him that I had seen and heard everything and that I wanted the name and number of the company that he worked for (Sears contracted this service from Cole Vision) and also the number of the Sear's headquarters in Chicago. I left in tears. I was unable to get through to either number and ended up writing to both places and never got a response.  Unfortunately, I have since made the mistake of buying a washer and dryer from them (in PA) that after only 10 months the washer sounds like a pick-up truck carrying a bunch of rocks and glass over a rough road.  They sent out three repairmen in two months and each time had a different excuse why it sounded that way.  The last one asked me if I knew not to use too much soap.  I have been washing clothes for over 40 years and am quite familiar with how to do laundry.  Bottom line is that the problem was never fixed, and we were told that "Maytag's are junk and just run it until it quits."  I got the same canned responses as other customers get when they call for service or complaints.  We have had a Sears Credit card for over 30 years and charged everything we needed each month to that card and paid it off every month.  This month we are cutting it up and sending it, along with the total that we have spent on that card over the past five years,  to the Sears headquarters.  We do not expect a reply.   



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Sent: Friday, February 17, 2006 6:21 PM
Subject: another insulted customer

You have my permission to post my story on your site.  When we called Sears to cancel our card they never even asked why.  It could have been lost or stolen etc.  Their only comment was to ask if we realized that we could never get a Sears credit card again. 




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Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 10:11 PM
Subject: sexual harrassment


I was walking across the parking lot at SEARS, THOUSAND OAKS California. A latino male in a blue Honda drove slowly past, whistled and yelled "Nice tits" and drove off around to the other side of the building. I went into the store and who do I see? My admirer with a SEARS I.D. He saw me and retreated into a stockroom door. I asked another employee who he was. I was informed "Thats Rigo, , he's a manager. I said, well, I want the store manager, he insulted me sexually in your parking lot." I was informed he was the manager and it was suggested I leave. I did. Notice how Sears Website has no customer feedback?