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 Sir: Thank you for a place to vent and maybe you can help me. I  bought a samsung tv. back in 2002 with a service agreement. Nov of  last year this set developed a squeel from back of the set so after  three trips with the service repair they finally put springs in the  mother board. Two weeks later the picture jump in they sent the  mother board off to get fixed. That was the Fourth trip out. when  they replaced the mother board the picture still wasnt fixed. So they  sent the Mother board off again this was the fith or sixth trip out.  On Friday the 17 of march the service teck came out with the original  Mother board. When my good old buddy Floyd ( service teck) was done my picture was even worse. Saturday the March 18 I  went to Sears West town Mall Knoxville to talk to Tim Lockheart the  electronic manager and basically threatened to thow me out of the  store. He informed me that Sears- For -my -home said they have only  come to my house twice to fix my set. Now I have another service call  for Monday the 20th for the same thing. My concerns are that the no  lemon policy on the mother board should have been established and  Sears should reemburse me with a new hdtv samsung tv.

 Steve,if there is anything more i can do or if there is something you  can do please let me know. Thank you :

John Thompson

1804 Dunraven Dr.

Knoxville Tn. 37922

Follow up email:

> Steve,

Thank you so much for the help. Monday my Man floyd try to fix my set again and failed. I contacted Sears to complain agian. The number I called was different form the for - my -home number. I angrily told them about the failure to fix my set and told Them I was going to the BBB and my state attorney office consumer affairs department and also made up a few agencies. I called them today like they wanted me to and they were so nice and polite and said give them 24 hours and we will have a conformation letter for yhou to pick up a new set of equal value. They wanted me to cancel all complaints and i said i would when i get a knew set .

Steve this has been going on since Nov. I just hope they are sincere about getting me a knew set. Thank you so much for the help and please post this story on your web site.

John Thompson



From: Shawn Coe [mailto:scoe5@cfl.rr.com]
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To: steve@searsscrewscustomers.com
Subject: My camera

Hi Steve,

 I would like to add my story here as well. Three years ago, I bought Panasonic Camcorder for about 400. plus insurance. Last year I went to use my camera to video tape damage done from the hurricanes here in Florida and the camera would not turn on. Not only would it not turn on, it would not open. I took it in to the repair center to have it fixed and they sent it off to the monkeys at the zoo, would be my guess. When I got it back, it came back broken, it would not turn on, a different problem. Unbeleavable! So I took it back in again and again they sent it back to the zoo. Two weeks later I was told to come and get it again.

I took it home again and went to record some damage done to my house from a subcontractor and it had no volume. Unbeleavable again! I took it back and they sent it back again.This is the third time! I got it back right beforeChristmas.  We had checked it at the store with no problems so I took it home. I had had wanted it to record a family members visit. He left and I did not use the camera.

I pulled it out months later to discover my cords did not work in the camera. They had changed the insides of the camera so that my cords no longer worked, I had to charge the battery and use it for as long as those batteries work. I had wanted to take it back, but didn't have the time.

I finally got it back in to the repair center and they documented that it would not turn on with the cords or adapters plugged in to it. Only with the battery. Well the genius' at the Sears called me today and told my I had a bill of $227. for a new lense. WAIT A MINUTE! A LENS! DOES THIS NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ANYONE. A LENS! I Sent it in to have them fiix whatever they did so I could plug it in and be able to use it. And they break my lense.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Am I missing something!

I also told them whatever they did the last time, they left it wiht a funky smell of burnt nylons. HHHMMM maybe its the lens.

According to the lemon law that they gave me on the receipt, if after 4 reports with a techinician of the camera or other item, in one year, it would be replaced.

Welp! I am guessing replacement is not their intention. They are trying to get money out of me anyway they can, including breaking my camera, each time they get their hands on it.

Hopefully tomorrow I can give you a report of they are replacing it, but I don't hold much water to that after seeing the other stories.

Wendi C. Deland Florida


From: Shawn Coe [mailto:scoe5@cfl.rr.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 7:44 PM
To: Steve Austin
Subject: Re: My camera

Steve, I also contacted the Florida States Attorney General as well last night. I need every one who has a problem with Sears to please do the same. If everyone would do that, even if their problem has finally been solved, they will take leagal action against them.

I was called again theis morning by the customer service center of Sears and asked if I had heard from the Tech yet. I told het no. She said the problem is that I had a ninty day warrenty on the work they did, for them to fix it. I told her it wasn't the work they did, it was the fact that they changed the insides of my camera so that my cords would no longer fit. But instead they try the your lens is broken routine. She finally got what I was saying.

There has still been no call from the technician, it is 7:40pm. I Don't think they will, they know I am not an idiot.

Please pass on this info for me about the Attorney Generals office in Florida or even their own states. They also told me to call the BBB and a few others. I can forward their letter to you if you like and you can put the numbers out there.

Let me know and thank you for your help.


We were contacted by Diane Macbeth, from Boothwyn, PA. regarding this story:

On June 19th, Technician Joe #286 came to pick up the 13’ TV/VCR Combo for repair. I received a stub with all the pertinent information on it. He said it would probably take about 2 weeks to repair.On the week of July 7th, someone from repair service called to schedule delivery of the TV. They said they would be out here on Saturday, July 13th. That was the best they could do.

On Saturday, July 13th I phoned 4MYHOME to give them a courtesy call about our guard dog. At 4 p.m. I called again and they said I had been rescheduled.

I called customer service and gave them the story. They told me there was a decision to be made from repair service whether to return the TV or replace it. They said I would get a call on Monday, July 15th.

On July 15th I called National Customer Service and complained 3 times that I had not heard from the repair service department.


TV is no condition to return to customer 7/13

However, Sears in Millersville also has notes from the shop dated July 1st:

TV repaired , circuits replaced, unit in working condition

The agent at 1-800-294-5153 (Elise) in Millersville, MD is now backtracking through the Sears Repair Service at MacArthur Drive in Stanton, DE to find out where the unit is and what happened to it between July 1st when it was allegedly in working condition through July 13th when it is noted that the unit is in ‘no condition to return to the customer’.

Called Sears Store Manager at Concord Mall to get District Mgr.s phone number, Mary Selhorst 410-923 7280 She’s out !!

Talked with Marge who sits behind Elise 800-294-5153. She says it was shipped somewhere for repair. They have had constant problems with this repair service. She agrees I should get a replacement or a full credit. She is personally going to take care of this and let me know what is going on whether it is good news or bad. 3:47 p.m.

On July 15, 2002 My next step is to call Dick Keating the Regional Manager stationed in Chicago, Illinois. He handles Maine to Florida. His pager number is 847 286 4993

Today is 7/16/02 1:30 p.m. I received an authorization Number for my replacement TV: 708494844769, 13” Color TV/VCR Combination, Panasonic or comparable

7/16/02 - 6:45 p.m. - Went to Sears at Concord Mall to pick up my replacement TV. I gave the authorization number to Phil, the associate on duty. He did not know what to do with it. He asked someone and that person told him to go to the computer. . . It was easy to find out.

After 25 minutes, several phone calls to 1-8004MYHOME the associate was frustrated and angry. He called the Store Manager on Duty - Rich Green - Mr. Green told me that unless the store received an email confirming my authorization number I could not have my replacement TV.

I told him I spoke with Mr. Peters, the General Manager of the Concord Mall Store yesterday and that I wanted to speak with him again. Unfortunately, Mr. Peters had left for the evening and I cannot contact him until tomorrow afternoon.

I will contact steve@ searsscrewscustomers.com once again and tell them my story. I will contact Mr. Peters at the Concord Mall Store again tomorrow and possibly leave a message for Mr. Dick Keating, Regional Manager of Sears in Chicago, Illinois.

Activity on Wednesday 7-17

7-17 9:39 a.m. Spoke with Paula She pulled up the Information and said store #8204 was contacted. The Lady who handles this information is Enid. She will be in at 10:30 a.m. today. Paula will speak with Enid to find out what happened. Enid will call me (I hope)

7-17 10:30 a.m. Extension 345 Enid Said she just spoke with someone at the Concord Mall Store. She sent the email and they are expecting me at the Store. They have the TV that I want. She did not know who she spoke to, but that she spoke with someone in the TV department - sounded like an older gentleman. If I go back to the store again and they have a problem, call 1-800-294-5153 Ext. 345 and ask for Enid. I asked her if I could just get a credit and she said she would not authorize that. She said that this is basically a ‘no brainer’ and should have been cleared up last night. I have $160 to spend to upgrade.

7-17 - 10:38 a.m. Called Sears Concord Mall Store/TV Dept. Spoke with Dan. He’s checking to see if the item I want is available - I told him I want a unit with a 4head VCR and not a 2 head.

7-17 10:41 a.m. Transferring me to the hub because they have the authorization number.

7-17 10:42 a.m. ‘Hub’ says email received. Come in and select the TV.

10:45 a.m. Dominic in TV department says he now has to go find the piece of paper that the Authorization Number is written on. I told him I would call him back in 10 minutes.

10:56 a.m. Received phone call from Rich Green, the Manager on Duty last night. He told me the email for the authorization has been received. Told him I just spoke with Dominic and Dom didn’t know what to do. He said, ‘Well the email just came in. Let me call up there and find out if we have the unit you want and let Dominic know what to do when you come in. I’ll have Dom call you”!

11:14 a.m. Dom called back. Said the authorization is fine come in and pick up TV. I have 160 limit. I tell him I want the 13” Panasonic 4 head VCR. He said that is $189 and I would have to add to it. I told him I am not paying Sears one dime more to replace this TV. This TV is for a child with Down’s Syndrome. He was standing in front of Dom last night at the store. I told Dom that the TV is my son’s lifeline and what he likes to do. I said I am sure Sears can come up with $29.00 without going bankrupt. Dom said he would go back to the manager to see what he could do about having the $29 excused.

11:21 a.m. Received call from Dominic in TV Dept. Everything is cleared with the manager and they authorized the additional $29.00 for my time and aggravation.

I am going down now to pick up my TV from Sears.

It will be: Panasonic 13” TV/VCR Combo Color: White

{Editor's Note: Diane's son is now happily watching his TV. Amazing what it takes to get Sears to make things right}

To: steve@searsscrewscustomers.com

Bruce K McCord
5139 Orchard Hill Drive
Roanoke VA, 24019

Sept 1998-Mar 2001

Quick synopses of one of my SEARS HOME CENTRAL Problems:

In Sept 1998 my big screen T.V. lost its picture after alightning storm,
Sears Home Central came out and gave me an estimate of $800.00to $1,000.00 to
repair it. I declined the repair as this would be almost halfthe cost of a
new big screen T.V.  Ithen purchased a new big screen T.V. from Sears for
$2,328.98 and gave the bigscreen T.V. in need of repairs to a friend who
would not mind paying theestimated repair amount. Another Sears store fixed
my old T.V. for my friend ata cost of  $354.48 on Jul 21,1999. Iwould not
have nor do I think anyone else would  have spent $2,328.98 for a new T.V. if
the old T.V. could befixed for $354.48. I have both of the original repair
tickets which  have the T.V.’s  serial number recorded on them along with
other information whichmakes it painfully obvious that the technician
willfully mislead me in order tosell a new T.V or that the technician was
totally incompetent. Either way Searsis responsible for this entire mess.
I sent a letter to the Sears customer relations department.After receiving an
initial call back from Sears I got the phone call run-aroundfrom Sears for a
week ending with an offer of a $75.00 gift certificate onOctober 17,2000. The
woman that I talked to said that this was the best thatSears could offer me.
I declined this offer and told the woman that what Ineeded to do was contact
an attorney, this caused her to Say FINE and she hungup on me. I then
contacted the Better Business Bureau & related the aboveinformation to them.  
In the BBB’s responseletter dated Nov 13,2000, Norma McNiel relates that Mr
Nicely the SearsTechnician states that my old T.V. will probably have
problems in the futurebecause the circuit board should have been sent away &
that Sears will notmake any further offer over the $75.00 gift certificate. I
talked to my friendMar 1,2001 he says T.V. still working fine, no problems,
great picture!
My old T.V. has been working fine on a regular basis forover 17 months with
no problems!

Model RH8590 AS01
Serial Number 57017889
Original purchase price $2,500.00 plus

MY Repair ticket info:
Sears# 8385
Technician ID: 1372
Service order number: 94340774
EST REPAIR  $800.00 –$1,000.00

MY FRIENDS Repair ticket info:
Sears# 8175
Technician ID: 3822
Service order number: 95241582

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