Major Appliances

Or Major Headaches!

Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 3:26 PM
Subject: They've Screwed me ...

From:    Linda McCane              Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii

    I like to be kissed when I am getting screwed, not kissed off, as Sears has systematically done to me over and over.  I have bought every appliance I own from them, starting 5 years ago.  The Kenmore name should be put to pasture because it is nothing but a pile of shi... manure.  Starting with my washer and dryer.  My washer has broke 3 times.  The first time I called the Sears repair guys.  Little did I know that I had to take out a second mortgage for this call.  The part cost $12.00.  The shipping was $8.00.  The service call was $75.  The labor was $75.  The time spent at my house?  Maybe 15 minutes. 

    Then I bought a new gas stove.  I paid almost $700.  Wanted a good one that would last.  We'll come back to this one.  At the time I bought the stove, I found a side by side fridgewith ice and water in the door on sale for $899.  Then they took off another $100.  I was ecstatic that I got such a beauty for $800.  Had it for 3 months and the freezer motor went out.  All my food spoiled.  Sears offered me a loaner that I would have to pick up until the part came in.  Thank God it was still under warranty.  The guys came and fixed it after 2 weeks w/o a freezer.  Then the ice maker stopped working.  The guys came back.  I told them I wanted another fridge already but they wouldn't give me the same type, only a small cheap model that sold for the price I paid..$800.  Ones like mine started at $1500 if I would like to pay the difference.  The same guys came back 2 more times for other problems.  We are old friends by now.  They said I could have bought 2 new fridges with what it cost to fix mine.  Luckily, its been a few years and nothing else major.

    So I bought a dishwasher.  Paid a little more for digital and push buttons.  It lasted 26 months and the digital control panel went out.  No way to program the dishwasher without it.  Even if I had bought the extended warranty it would have ran out 2 mos. before it broke.  Who has $375 for a 3 year warranty? I have the repair guys on speed dial so they came out and looked.  Service call was $75.  Cost to diagnose the problem?  another $200!!!  And the part would cost $500!!!  Before I lubed up and bent over, he made me an offer.  Buy a new dishwasher and they would take the repair costs off the new one.  Can't beat that, I guess, except the 'old' one was the same age as my toddlers-26 mos.  If only it ran as good as they did.  So I bought another one, cost even more than the other, but what choice did I have?  Ready for more?

    My washer broke again.  This time, I called a repair guy from an ad in the paper.  He charges $45 for service calls and usually has parts on hand.  Cost me $60, compared to Sears $170.  Why do they have to charge so much, Sears?  Don't they make enough selling a new appliance every 2 years to the same sucker, like me? I'm not done yet.

    My new dishwasher stopped working.  My ad repair guy came out.  Motor and pump.  How old is this machine?  16 mos.  Damn, missed the warranty by 4 mos.  I got out the manual and did some further reading.  Seems that major parts, like the moror, are covered for 2 years.  Hallelujah!!!  Finally a break for mefor my broken appliance.   So I called the warranty center.  Those people don't know their own warranties.  I was told my appliance was no longer under warranty.  It expired 3 years ago.  No, that was the dishwasher I bought in 2002.  This is the dishwasher I bought in June of 2004.  Well, it has been 16 months so the year warranty expired...check again, lady.  You will NOT win THIS one.   Send me the part.  I have my own guy to do the work.  You guys want another $200 to put the $200 part in.  Well, there is another catch.  I have to have it diagnosed by THEIR guy and put in by THEIR guy or the warranty doesn't count.  Fine.  Speed dial again.  Here comes the guy, a week from Saturday.  He remembers me from broken fridge days.  How old are my twins?  The same age as some of my appliances...barely 3 years old.  Let me save you the trouble and time.  It is the motor/pump.  Please order me one and get back here quickly.  That'll be $75 for YOU to tell me the problem.  So I am out the $45 I paid MY guy to diagnose the same problem THEIR guy diagnosed.  Another $195 to fix an appliance that is still under warranty

    I am thinking the only appliance that hasn't broke is my stove, one of the originals I bought so long ago.  3 1/2 years to be exact.  I shouldn't think that way because just then my oven stopped working.  My guy came and looked.  It is the ignitor.  Not bad, it is a $57 part.  BUT...  I will also need a safety valve for the new ignitor.  $168.  Plus his $45 service call.  Plus another $45 for him to put it in.  $300?  I don't think so.  The stove still works.  I have a crock pot and a rotisserie oven, both that I bought at yard sales and have lasted longer than ANY Sears appliance (they are NOT Kenmores).  When my stove stops working, I shall go to Home Depot and have a look.


Linda McCane


From: Springboards []
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2006 4:00 PM
Subject: Sears Delivery complaint

My wife and I just moved to a brand new condo. On April 28, I went to Sears to place an order for a Frigidaire stackable washer dryer combo. I paid cash and asked for a delivery at our condo schedule for Saturday May 6. I remember asking specifically if I need to purchase any other part to complete the installation and the seller told me that I didn't need anything. 

On May 6 at 1pm, two Sears delivery guys come to deliver and install the unit. The unit was to be installed on the second floor in a closet. One of the guys takes a look at the closet and told us we need to buy a flexible vent pipe in order to install the unit. First of all, I was surprised that they didn't carry this part in their truck. After all, they install units like these ones all day long. I was also surprised that Sears didn't tell me about that when I purchased the washer/dryer combo two weeks ago. 

The guy was kind of rough with us and trashed our nice place (We had to clean the carpet after he left). He told us to go to Home Depot, get the missing part, and then call Sears Customer Service number to let them know that we have the part and then he would come back the same day to complete the installation. The guy has guaranteed us that, as long as we get the part and call Sears before 5PM, he will come back before 6PM since he was working in the area all day. So we immediately went to Home Depot, came back home 20 minutes later, called Sears and guess what? The guy never came back.

Talking with the Sears representative, I actually learned that, as soon as the guy went back to his truck, he notified Sears that the appliance had been delivered and that, because we were missing a part, he was not able to install it and someone would have to come back next week! So the washer / dryer combo is sitting in the middle of our living room since Saturday. We can't move it because it's 400 lbs and my wife is pregnant. I was really frustrated and called Sears again on Saturday to ask what was going on.

The lady told me that the delivery guys are not employed by Sears but they are contracted. She said she would fill a complain against this driver and she would make it up to us and someone else would come on Monday to complete the installation. She said we would get a phone call Sunday after 6pm with our delivery time. I never received this phone call.

I called Sears again first thing Monday morning, The lady tells me that her computer is showing that the item has been delivered and so she asks me why I am calling! There is not a single note about how the driver screws the installation, left the unit in our living room and trashed the place. This is totally unacceptable! With no doubt, this is the worst delivery and customer service experience I have ever seen.

I had 2 others deliveries this weekend (1 furniture store and 1 mattress store) and everything went smoothly. Nice and polite people who both made an inspection before they left to make sure they didn't do any damage. I am very frustrated and for sure, I will never buy from Sears again.

John Ringler San Diego, CA


From: Randy Rogers
Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 5:29 PM
Subject: Super Capacity Automatic Washer
Hold on a minute while I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes..........okay. I was just reading the owner's manual for our Heavy Duty, Super Capacity, Automatic Washer.  Directions say that at full load we should be able to wash: 10 bath towels, 10 hand towels, 14 wash cloths - excuse me, tears of laughter again......... We've never loaded the washer nearly that full and today just had the 6th Motor Coupling replaced.  Were warned by the technician that the couplings self-destruct on full loads during the Heavy Wash Cycle and we should avoid using that cycle!  Perhaps it is our fault as we typically load only 8-10 towels - maybe it is necessary to add the additional 10 hand towels and 14 wash cloths.  We'll never own another!
I won't give any details on our last Kenmore refrigerator, but suffice to say our present fridge does not sport the Kenmore label.



From: Brian.Etchells
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2006 3:50 PM
Subject: Refrigerator mess

Sears delivered a side by side stainless steel frig today… dropped it off at 8:30 am.  I cleaned off the front (it was covered with dirty handprints from the delivery guys…)  and found a big scratch across the door and a dent.  I called our salesperson.. was told that they would call me back after calling delivery.  After 1 ½ hrs I called back.. was told my salesperson stepped away but I should call delivery. 

I called delivery.. they offered me $50.  I laughed and told them no way.  They said because we bought a floor model—the store would have to cover any exchange or repair (replacement of the door).  I called the store—asked for a manger (already tired of the run around—it had been 2 hrs at this point)… and was told that delivery would have to cover any repairs/replacements etc.  Nice.  I asked sales what kind of deal they would make me on a replacement (to stop me from going to Lowes.. where I should have gone in the first place).  I was told that there is nothing on sale right now.. and that the 10% additional discount I got because I opened a Sears charge account was no longer available either… and I could get a comparable frig to the one I purchased for $1500 (I paid $1000).  I said no thanks—that I’d rather give my money to Lowes at this point. 

I called Sears Customer complaint line (800 #) and was told that if I’d already spoken with delivery and they were not willing to do anything.. then Sears hands were tied (including corporate Sears) and that if $50 wouldn’t make me happy then I should return the frig and seek a deal wherever I could find one.  I asked if $50 would make her happy.. she said no… not at all. 

I told them that Lowes had frig’s on sale and that I would no longer purchase ANY appliances from Sears (I’d already purchased a dishwasher from Sears.. my last purchase).  They obviously are all about the warm fuzzies on TV when it comes to PR, but no in person when it comes to you laying out your money and expecting to get good service. 



Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 6:12 PM
Subject: Elite Series Washer


I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem or it is just me.   In August of 2005, I purchased an Elite Series Washer & Dryer, one of the “high end – high efficiency” sets.  Just 6 months after it was purchased, the washer started leaking water from under the unit.  The service man came to repair the unit, and removed a piece of lint from the pump that was about the size of a quarter.  He said there was no way that I can clean the lint myself and that this is a weak point in this unit.  If the unit had not been under warranty, it would have cost $117.00 to have him come out and remove this lint. Now, if this is a weak point and every 6 months or so this is going to happen, wouldn’t you think there would be a “recall”?  This was not a cheap set and the previous set was also a Sears washer & dryer that lasted 17 years.  That was the basis upon which I decided to repurchase a Sears set again.  I guess my only recourse is to purchase their “extended warranty” to protect myself from having to pay & pay & pay to have them fix this again and again.   

Gail Buchhorn

Lenexa, Ks.


Hi Steve,

Just thought you would like to add my story to your list. In August 2005, we purchased five appliances from sears. (against my husbands better judgement) We bought a stove and refrigerator for ourselves and a washer, dryer and refrigerator for a condo that two of my kids are living in while going to college. Their laundry room is on the second floor . well sears installers stripped the washer while installing it and decided that they didn't need to replace the 50cent part. needless to say when my daughter and I came home from shopping water was coming out of the light fixtures. Well it ONLY took me two hours to get anywhere with these morons. So an appointment was set up and being that my husband and I both work and my kids were in school I had to inconvience my sister-in-law to come over until the kids came home. GUESS WHAT??? they never showed. But lucky for me it only took and hour this time to get through.
I LOVE TALKING TO A MACHINE DOENSN'T EVERYONE????   well anyway we got the wasger taken care of but I still have water damage. (This is a brand new condo) It has been over a month and it still has not been fixed. Lucky for me though , my daughter is in law school. So we will see how the story pans out. It is very sad that this store has such poor service, and the people that work for it don't care.

gail cheraso []


From: Greg Merrell []
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 7:09 PM
Subject: Sears Sucks!!!

This is the letter I just sent to Sears.  No response yet.   

Dear Mr. Lacy, 

I have never dealt with such an inept company in my entire life.  EVERYONE that I have spoken to at Sears needs a GOOD Quality and customer satisfaction course.  I have spent DAYS trying to resolve an issue that should take NO MORE than 5 minutes to correct.

My elderly parents purchased a Side by Side Fridge with Freezer on the bottom from Sears. It was called the Elite. Top of the line....more like bottom of the barrel. In 14 months my parents have called for service 5 times for 5 "different" reasons. Last Friday the Fridge went completely OUT, ruining everything in it. After hours of arguing with Customer Service (that's an Oxy Moron) Sears decided they would send a service tech out. Monday he came out. He said the fan had gone out and that he would replace it. He went to his truck and came back with a part that he said was NOT for this model but he THOUGHT it would work. Well, today, Tuesday, my parents got up to another mess. The whole thing was frozen completely. Everything in the fridge was ruined again. I called the company myself this time and I got NO help. They explained to me that the fridge was not under warranty but they would be happy to send a tech again to try and repair it. NO WAY!!  I want it replaced but not with the same model. I was told it was just tuff luck; they should have bought the warranty. They said, "Things just don't last forever".   They offer to continue to send the same inept repairman and my parents are afraid to leave the house for fear it will fail again.  I was given more MIS-information than the Enquirer.   You project all these warm fuzzy feelings on the big Extreme Home Makeover show and then you treat others like CRAP with your expensive, under quality, under serviced, piece of defectively assembled appliances. 

SO whats a consumer to do????  I am on a roll. I'm going to visit as many Sears stores as I can in the Southeast with this story and hand out flyers.   I plan to plant a flyer in every appliance.  I am thinking about hauling the fridge around after I paint it yellow and park outside the door of Sears and hand out the attached information. All I can say is, buyer beware. Don't buy from Sears all they want is the sale, not service and not to make things right.  Look for the flyer and the yellow fridge coming to your local Sears store.  I spoke with our local news in Huntsville and they have offered to do a consumer story on it.  They said call when I get the fridge painted and theyll do a story.

 This is not a big deal for Sears.  They could replace the fridge, which would be the honest thing to do and send it to research to explore why its had so many problems or take it to the city dump, which is where it belongs.   

I asked several of your employees how I might contact your QC group or to get a letter to you and they didnt know who you where.YA RIGHT.  I got on the investors page and got your profile.  Please find someone who has had some kind of training that can help resolve this issue.


From: []
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 8:41 PM
Subject: Sweating the large stuff

My Mother is confined to her bed with oxygen. I called sears repairs Monday and told them this. They wouldn't come until Thursday (yesterday) . Our AC unit (central air) , the lines were frozen and the system wouln't run. The technician came Thursday at two o'clock , did something, turned the thermostat to 58 and left. Upon my arrival home, I find the unit sweating. I turned the unit to 70 and was comfortable . Today I arrive home to find the unit frozen again. I called the the 1800 number for repairs, got a "specialist" who gave me the name Lamar, but said he wasn't allowed to give his last name. I explained the situation and since the tech just left, I did expect to recieve immediate assistance. Lamar wouldn't arrange an appointment until next Thursday. I asked for the Supervisor's name, his reply is Vincent and once again, "I can't give you his last name"  

This is totally unacceptable. Vincent is suppose to call back, but I doupt that will occur. If I could disconnect this unit and deliver to their front door I would.

Tommorrow I will look for another unit, but it will not be with Sears.

I had enough
Agnes Braxton
610 586-7547


From: Reba Sikorski []
Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2005 6:09 PM

On July 8, I called Sears for repair service on a water softener and a osmoses (water purifier), and got an appointment for July 22. Repair person Steve came out and had to order parts. Rescheduled for 8/12 he showed up again and repaired the watersoftner and osmoses. 20 mins after he left the kitchen was flooded with water from the osmoses. I called every number that I had with and explained the problem with no luck. All they said was we can reschedule for the 22 of august.  I think that if the repair persons floods your kitchen you should have service right away. Right now I have to go under the sink and turn the water on or off or the water would be every where.

I am at this time waiting for service no one has called me to comfirm the appt. So I am not sure where I stand. Cost so for $301.00


What a joke sears repair service is.

Yes add my story to you site, thanks. Up date sears came out Monday, August 22, fixed the osmoses, it seemed to be o.k. but after about an hour the thing will not stop running, I had to turn the water off from under the sink again. I called Sears repair scheduled for September 2. More time off work waiting for them from the hours of 8 am to 5 pm.


From: Janet A Smart []
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 11:36 AM
Subject: sears washer & dryer

I started with the delivery of a front load washer and dryer with a delivery date of 4/02/05.  We took the old washer and dryer out ourselves and washed the floor in anticipation of the delivery by Sears of the new set.  The delivery people arrived, made derogatory comments about our housing choice and pushed the washer and dryer into place. 

We had a few repairs with the washer and Sears sent out a new machine on 5/15/05.  It was the exchange of machines that showed our floor had been ripped by the first delivery team.  Everyone was very nice and since at that time we were under the impression we were dealing with an honorable company we believed the floor would be repaired.  Since it was under the washer and not easily seen, I was willing to have the floor repaired rather than demanding a new floor. 

Well, it is now August 10, 2005 and it is the 4th time the repairman has failed to show for his scheduled appointment.  I have called Sears customer service and they have abdicated all responsibility for the delivery men that they contract with.  Sears insists I must be the one to deal with the delivery company and their repairmen even though I purchased my product thru Sears and the the delivery that went along with it. 

I am fortunate in that my husband has a service business and is in a position to spread the word of the damage that Sears caused to our home and their unwillingness to take responsibility for it.

 Janet A Smart
32531 N Center Lane
Grayslake, IL 60030


Or Check out this lady's story on her website!


From: "Kathy Le" <>
To: <>
Subject: lounsy protection agreements from Sears

Hi Steve
I'm writing because of my disappointment of the service of Sears. We bought Kenmore side by side refrigerator last year June/2003. It has a 1 year service warranty. Unfornately this refrigerator did not work on 5/17/04; it got so hot so i called Sears to send a repair technician to come to fix it. They were scheduled to come to fix it on 5/24/04, I waited for a week and until the day Sears supposed to send a technician to fix my refigerator, Sears called at 5:00 PM told me they couldn't come. I have to rescheduled next service day for 6/2/04 which is more than a week. What kind service and protection agreements Sears has? If for some reason they could not come that day they have to come the next day to fix my refrigerator why do I ahve to wait for more than a week?.Do you think Sears has good service? I'd like to let consumers know about Sears and beware of their lemon service.
My name is Katherine Le
My email address is:
This is phone#  I have been contacted at Sears 1-800-469-4663 and 1-800-827-6655


To: <>
Subject: How can Sears have such good appliances and such lousy service?
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 08:38:20 -0400

My partner and I are moving to a house in Cleveland from an apartment in Charleston, SC, in mid-June. Sears advertised a rebate deal for new charge accounts, and we need a new washer and dryer, so we tried to buy their Kenmore appliances, since they are so highly rated by Consumer Reports. Never again.
We went to the Charleston-Citadel Mall Sears late in May and explained that we wanted to buy a washer and dryer and have them sent to our new house in Cleveland on Saturday, June 7, when we would be there. I couldn't follow the labyrinthine delivery system the appliance saleswoman tried to explain, but she had to arrange a transfer delivery with the Cleveland-Randall Park Mall Sears, the only Sears in that area that makes transfer deliveries (and to get the number of the Cleveland store, the woman had to call directory assistance: there is no Sears directory of stores). The appliance-buying process stretched out over about ninety minutes, although it took us only fifteen to pick out the appliances we wanted and to fill out the credit application.
We called Sears early in June to verify the June 7 delivery. Guess what? They had no record of any transaction or delivery. We had our receipt, chock full of account numbers, but it was as though the receipt had never been printed. We called the Charleston store, the Cleveland store, and an 800 number Sears gave us. Still no record of the transaction, but Sears promised delivery. Finally, we decided to let it go for then and hope for the best on June 7.
The morning of June 7 we called again. The call turned into an Orwellian nightmare. We had to repeat everything we had done with our first attempt to verify the delivery: call one store, call another store, call the 800 number. Does this sound reasonable? Try to call Sears. It has one of the worst automated phone systems we've ever experienced. It asks you what department you want, but it responds to voice commands rather than the phone's keypad. It took us a couple of attempts to realize that shouting "appliances" into the phone won't work. You have to say "large appliances" or "small appliances." Mostly the voice commands don't work at all and you have to hold (and hold and hold and hold) for help. Eventually the Cleveland store swore that the Charleston store had erred and had the appliances delivered to itself. The Charleston store swore the same about the Cleveland store. We said, "let's forget it and we'll just get our money back" (yes, we'd already paid the full amount). The Charleston, not having a record of the sale they made, could not refund our money. We called Cleveland. They couldn't do it, either, they said. We demanded to speak with the manager. He wouldn't come to the phone (we could hear him in the background refusing). What was so horrible was not that Sears refused to give us our money back, but that it claimed it didn't even know what we were talking about. At long last, the Cleveland salesman, Joe, agreed to give us a refund (not before trying to resell us the washer and dryer we had already bought but that Joe did not have a record of our buying). Two hours after our first attempt to verify delivery, we drove out to the Cleveland store (thirty minutes away) just to pick up the credit receipt, though I don't know why we bothered, since the first receipt never did us any good.
[Thank you for posting this. Let's hope Sears eventually takes notice of the thousands of online complaints it has merited.]
Yvonne Bruce


Date Sun, 13 Oct 2002 

From "Dr. Robert H. Wainberg" <>

Subject A phone number that gets action at SEARS (1-800-549-4505)

Hi Steve,

I just had a go around fiasco with Sears on these past three days after my 5-year old range suddenly decided on its own to go into the cleaning mode while I was warming up some biscuits. Within minutes, my house was filled with smoke, and I remember seeing the oven suddenly flaming "E3", which I later learned meant that the computer board had "malfunctioned". The people at Sears in Atlanta were rude and uncaring, and did not want to help us when their repairman was a "no show". My husband got on the internet, searched out a number, and called it. Suddenly, within the hour, we had both of our phone lines ringing with Sears people on it trying to help out the "transgressed customers". When the Atlanta office then tried to "weasel out" of the agreement to replace our range that was still under warranty, claiming that our homeowners policy should cover it because of "faulty wiring that started a fire" (we never said we had a fire, only that the smoke was so thick that we moved the range outside onto our patio to prevent the possibility of a fire, if not to simply clear the house of that awful smoke), we called this number again , and within twenty minutes both the Atlanta office and the local office were very accommodating. The people at this phone number even called us back as a follow up, which we appreciated. However, we will now tell anyone we come in contact with NOT to purchase appliances at Sears, to go somewhere else. We have had good success with our water heater and washing machine from Home Depot, who even delivered and hauled off the old units for free (Sears said that they would charge us extra for the delivery, and that we had to take the old range to the dump ourselves!). However, if people have already bought their items at Sears, and need assistance not to get screwed, then call the National Sears Customer Service Complaint line at 1-800-549-4505 - you will get results. You can also print this story on your web site if you wish, but please get this number circulating out on the world wide web, as it will prevent many hours of untold frustration. Thanks, and good luck to all who have to battle this demon we call Sears! Pax. - Patty-


Date: 2001-07-08-135217; Name:  Richard Spanier; Address: 5001 W. Placita De Los Vientos; City: Tucson; St: AZ; Zip: 85745; Country: USA; Email:; Company Name: Sears; Company Contact: Kim Partain; City: Mesa; State/Prov: AZ; Country: USA; Company phone: 480-497-7708

Incident = We purchased a Kenmore central air conditioning system from Sears in July of 1997. The installation contractor, Southwest Mechanical, was so inept they were not able to complete the installation in the one day promised but felt they were finished after the third day. The installation was obviously a problem, the house could not be cooled below 80 degrees. A subsequent mandatory inspection by Pima County failed the system for a natural gas leak from the new system installation, a condensation drain line that was buried in the ground and backing into the a/c closet and other issues.

A second contractor, GTR, was sent out by Sears to complete the installation. While they always have had interesting hypotheses concerning the system\'s freezing up each summer (1999, 2000, 2001), they would not investigate thoroughly what the problem was, instead fixing whatever appeared to them to be broken at the time.

After the circus of working through Sears customer abuse departments (well documented here and on other consumer affairs web pages) I finally was connected with Kim Partain (name and number above). Kim is completely professional and has taken steps to have the sales group and a new contractor (number 3) come to our home to investigate. A lot of work was performed (3 hours)during which the salesman (Jon Goeke 520 762 1639)promised he would 1. stay on top of the situation until it was resolved and 2. recommend the entire system be replaced and a new one re-installed.

During the course of the most recent inspection it was determined that the condenser fins in the internal system were dirty, covered with pet hair and other residue. This, I was told was the cause of 99% of the problems. I mentioned to Jon that we change the filter each month because of my wife\'s severe allergies and in fact had installed a HEPA filter previously which a Sears salesman (Ben) blamed in part for the previous years\' failures.

This same salesman, Ben, who either retired or was fired depending on who you speak to, told us, the size of the opening between the return duct and the filter was too small for the system and had GTR fix it as part of the overhaul. At no time was the system run without a filter and at no time was a filter left unchanged for more than 30 days. The fact the condenser was covered with debris is obviously related to the original and or subsequent installation efforts.

Another explanation for the system freezing up each year was related (by GTR) to be a result of a crack in a copper tube allowing freon to escape. They repaired it twice, first by soldering it and then by replacing it. The system still froze up after each repair. They GTR) then claimed it was an electricial problem and worked on the breakers controlling the roof unit. The system still froze up.

A day later Jon did not answer my phone call, a page and a number of phone calls from Kim Partain.

This was on Friday, July 6, today is Sunday, July 8th. Yesterday I attempted to call Kim to at least see if there was a manager working on Saturday to intervene. I was told that Kim was out until Monday, had no voice mail and that there were no manager working on the weekend. I was told by the service adviser (or whatever this telewretch is called) that reading from the notes on her computer that it had been determined the problems were not related to installation and were service related. Also that we had refused to maintain the system or change air filters. Both blatant lies.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to speak with Kim Partain again to resolve what was supposed to have been discussed Thursday and Friday last week. The third contractor (Morgan Brothers) who had worked on the system on Thursday had said (through Steve, their technician) that additional work still needed to be done but that he had to leave due to previously scheduled appointments. We have not heard back from Morgan Bros., Jon Goeke or Kim Partain when that will be. The system continues to freeze up and in the Sonoran Desert during the Monsoon, the situation is only made more intolerable.

Damage Resulting = Forgetting for the moment the cost of the system - originally $4500; we have had the following expenses

$275 for a room air conditioner to cool a room for us to escape to and sleep in.

Approximately $500 in charges by GTR over the past two years to repair hypothetical problems without ever actually repairing the system.

Three days of my time dealing with Sears and its entities. Based on calculations of $85,000 a year, this amounts to $980.

Emotional damage is relative and I can\'t really calculate it. We have been forced to live in uncomfortable conditions Tucson, AZ where the temperature Between June and September is routinely over 100 degrees. During monsoon season, the humidity coupled with the heat is pretty much unbearable without a/c. But the real emotional damage is caused by having to deal with agents on the customer support lines who are powerless to even give the number of a person within Sears who is in a position to help. It was only after a screaming match with a particularly obnoxious agent who refused to transfer me to a superior (a Sears modus operandum apparently) or give me a national customer service number in the CEO\'s office, that I called headquarters directly. That call did have the effect of putting me in touch with yet another call center who DID involve Kim Partain. So imagine this scenario with the system playing out year after year in the sweltering heat, imagine the problem !

never being dianosed properly, imagine paying for repairs that did not fix the problem, imagine watching Sears point finger themselves (repair vs. installation), subcontractors, ex-employees and OURSELVES. And then imagine having to spend hours talking with the most ignorant, unprofessional, powerlessly apologetic, verbally abusive gang of fools in the free world, and you will have an idea of what emotional damages we have incurred. Sure hope we hear from Kim Partain tomorrow; I said she is professional - at least in tone and follow up - and mean it. Dealing with this stuff every day, I wouldn\'t bet on her being able to stomach it or working for such and obviously customer hostile organization too much longer. If she leaves, we are back to ground zero.

Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 16:54:27 -0400
From: Midge Borer <>
Subject: Sears Kenmoore Vacuum Cleaner

I don't know if this counts as a "Sears Screws Customers" story: I bought my vacuum exactly 2 years ago, and since it's been in for repairs 3 times already! I bought this vacuum because Consumer Reports rated it the best vacuum. Having always purchased Electrolux's, and hardly ever having them repaired, for the cost saving and the good rating, I thought I'd try a Kenmore. I'm sorry I did and think that Consumer Reports should take in consideration the repair history of an item, and the customer service that comes along with it. I am a 44 year old women and do vacuum  a lot, but I'm also not vacuuming up rocks and water for a vacuum to need to be repaired 3 times within a 2 year period. I am now researching refrigerators, and again Consumer Reports gives the Kenmore a good rating, but I checked the repair history, and it's high. How does a product get such a high rating with such a high incidence of repair. It behooves me. Well the end result here is I would never recommend a Kenmore Vacuum to anyone ever, not unless they don't mind taking the time to drop it off at a repair center, then waiting a week to get it back, and hope it's covered in the warranty.



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